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Kalling Kingdom

A city building & decision simulation game · By Elega Corporation


Recent updates

Kalling Kingdom Enters Alpha with v0.24
Kalling Kingdom has gone from pre-alpha to entering alpha today with v0.24. With this release, all 5 building sprites have been completed and the game is fully...
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Kalling Kingdom v0.22 Update
With the v0.22 release, there is 1 more building sprite to create a completed version for: all the others are now in the game. The Weapon Maker building is the...
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Kalling Kingdom v0.21 Update
Pre-Alpha v0.21 is here, now with 2 completed building sprites (and the other 3 coming soon after) along with the ability to rename businesses. It is a small fe...
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Kalling Kingdom v0.20 Update
This new build includes the new Farm building sprite and should contain no significant changes or bugfixes outside of the graphics change. Work is continuing on...
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Kalling Kingdom Pre-Alpha v0.19 Early Access Release!
Kalling Kingdom is now publicly available for the first time since its development began! The core game and its systems are here, playable from beginning to end...
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