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Kalling Kingdom

A fantasy city building & decision simulation game · By Elega Corporation


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Kalling Kingdom v0.37.1 - Beginning of an Overhaul
It's been too long since our last update but here we are with a new version: v0.37.1, which begins the process of completely overhauling the game's user interfa...
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Kalling Kingdom v0.36 and Future Plans for 2020!
Loading, display, and a few other small bugs were correctedfor v0.35 and v0.36. We've also added a custom cursor instead of the normal Windows cursor you would...
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Kalling Kingdom v0.34 Release Notes
v0.34 adds a "You cannot afford that!" screen when trying to create a building you don't have the money to build. There are also some tiny tweaks in this releas...
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Kalling Kingdom v0.33 Release Notes
The market has long been perplexing to new players, so to make it a little easier to understand what happens with it on a longer term basis this release is the...
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Kalling Kingdom 2019 Gameplay Trailer Released
Today, on New Year's Eve, we've finally finished the Kalling Kingdom 2019 Gameplay Trailer. And yes, we have added "2019" into the title because more is planned...
Kalling Kingdom v0.32 Release Notes
This update focuses on bugfixes: The help text widgets should now be working properly and are togglable from the main menu settings screen. When defunding expen...
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Kalling Kingdom v0.30 Release Notes
v0.30 of Kalling Kingdom is now available. It contains a bugfix that prevents a crime rate city event from re-occurring more than it should and adds new help te...
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Kalling Kingdom v0.29 Release Notes
After releasing v0.28 last night, v0.29 is released this morning and provides patching for a number of bugs that were found throughout last night and this morni...
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Is there a way to get past the Elega Icon screen?
started by inglishman Jun 19, 2020
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