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Kalling Kingdom

A fantasy city building & decision simulation game · By Elega Corporation


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Kalling Kingdom v0.41 Release Notes
v0.41 is out today and we've been hard at work on making lots of visual tweaks and other improvements. We're still in the midst of the user interface (UI) overh...
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Kalling Kingdom v0.40 Release Notes and Release on Linux
It's been a long time since we've done a release, but not to worry: we're still working on the game and more updates are coming. With v0.40, here are a few impo...
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Kalling Kingdom v0.39 Release Notes
This is a somewhat significant update that has begun laying the groundwork for wrapping up the turn summary tab, savegames, and completing the user interface ov...
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Kalling Kingdom v0.38 Release Notes
This week, the primary focus was the turn summary panel, which now has pagination for previous turn information. Since last week, it still only tracks changes a...
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Kalling Kingdom v0.37.3 Release Notes
The turn summary evolution has arrived ! Sort of. The bottom 'View Turn Summary' tab now displays a summary of information from the previous turn on the dimensi...
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Kalling Kingdom v0.37.2 Release Notes
The 'View Turn Summary' tab is here! ...Sort of, this isn't its final version. But it looks a lot better. Changes in this release: The turn info button has been...
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Kalling Kingdom v0.37.1 - Beginning of an Overhaul
It's been too long since our last update but here we are with a new version: v0.37.1, which begins the process of completely overhauling the game's user interfa...
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Kalling Kingdom v0.36 and Future Plans for 2020!
Loading, display, and a few other small bugs were correctedfor v0.35 and v0.36. We've also added a custom cursor instead of the normal Windows cursor you would...
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The easiest way to beat this game is to eliminate all expenses except for enough military to ward off monster attack, an...
started by Frungi 17 days ago
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Is there a way to get past the Elega Icon screen?
started by inglishman Jun 19, 2020
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