Kalling Kingdom v0.39 Release Notes

This is a somewhat significant update that has begun laying the groundwork for wrapping up the turn summary tab, savegames, and completing the user interface overhaul.

The change log is as follows:

* Additional hints from the hint panel now - some of these won't display before certain other hint points are addressed by the player. But assuming those things have been addressed...

    - The hint panel will let you know when city cash holdings are low, and as long as your market investment has at least 2K, it'll suggest you sell off some of the holdings.

    -The hint panel will suggest during market downturns (negative rates of return) that you sell off your market investment to minimize losses.

    -Since monster attacks now no longer escalate as turns progress, the hint system now suggests keeping your military spending at or above 5K to keep the city safe.

* Income per turn on the business info panel now distinguishes between *business* income and *tax* income. The tax income is the amount of money going to the player. This will also match the summary panel that displays from the main town view.

* The background for the business info panel has been adjusted - the grass in the background image now appears lower in the frame.

* Settings can now be accessed from the escape menu. By hitting the escape key, you can get to Settings, access the music and sound effects sliders, and save the changes using the 'Save' button. This is now available in-game and was previously only available from the main menu.

* Some events now generate messages in the turn summary panel and will appear when paging through previous turns.

* No one can see this but it is important to other areas under the hood: the code for the ancient 'Business and People panel' from the early pre-alpha version has been deprecated. This means some de-cluttering and clearing out of old, unused code has been completed.

* The available people person offer system has been updated. People now have differing happiness levels, which will influence whether or not they accept your offer in a given turn. They're more likely to accept an offer if they're unhappy where they are, but how much cash they currently have still plays a role in their decision.

* Fixed a bug where, during the starving traveler event, a person would stick around longer than they were supposed to.


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Sep 05, 2021

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