Kalling Kingdom v0.37.1 - Beginning of an Overhaul

It's been too long since our last update but here we are with a new version: v0.37.1, which begins the process of completely overhauling the game's user interface. We have taken what was originally a mockup being described around the release of v0.36 and have since begun implementing that. The top menu bar is now changed, and so the first visual hurdle is out of the way.

So what's next?

We'll be continuing to build new versions of v0.37, and eventually, we'll do away with the numeric suffix. This new version is called v0.37.1. Next, with work coming on savegames, that will be v0.37.2, and so on.

Those who currently own the game are free to try out the new builds as they're released. The very next things underway are getting a running log of actions between turns and making that available to the player. For example, there will be a place you can go that will display information like this:

Turn 17
Jhaknaw Dune is now employed at Trenn Ranch.
You accepted a trade deal with the City of Rosper.
Your market investment has gone from 306 to 319.

Turn 16 ======= You added Jhaknaw Dune but they are still unemployed. Your market investment has gone from 290 to 306.

This is a way to provide a running activity of the player's decisions over each turn. In addition to this, of course, there's also the tedious work of putting together savegames. Anyway, we just wanted to drop off the build to make it available to all of you and now: back to work! Thanks for reading.


kalling-kingdom-win32-v-0_37_1.zip (alpha) 59 MB
Jun 14, 2021

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