Kalling Kingdom Pre-Alpha v0.19 Early Access Release!

Kalling Kingdom is now publicly available for the first time since its development began! The core game and its systems are here, playable from beginning to end: grow the town of Trenn in the fantasy world of Kalling Kingdom - attract citizens to your town with cash offers, invest in the world market, make wise decisions when faced with world events, and expand your town with your own goals.

If you haven't seen much about Kalling Kingdom, please check out its IndieDB page, follow its Twitter profile, and if you're interested: watch the live dev stream playlist on YouTube.

Some things to note about this pre-alpha release: 

  • You may encounter a number of bugs throughout your play experience - we encourage you to report them to us by emailing support@elegacorp.com - please include what you were doing in-game and steps to reproduce the error. Because this is an early access game: please note that it may take some time during the development process to resolve an individual issue you encounter as we contend with the rest of the development process.
  • The building graphics are not done and for right now only contain placeholders until the artwork is totally completed. There will be ongoing updates to the graphics as the work is completed each week.
  • A typical game session is currently capped at 60 turns. 
  • There are additional changes planned for the new player experience to learn the mechanics of the game, although for right now you might consider these tips: offer people at least 50K to come to the town (although many people will have to have more), invest in the market using the yellow coin icon, manage your expenses with the red coin icon, and when you place down buildings: don't forget to match them up with people! All buildings need workers in order to make money.

Commonly requested or previously planned features being worked on now for future releases:

  • A better way to manage workers and how they are matched to businesses, including the ability to remove business owners and workers or move them from one business to another.
  • Isometric graphics for buildings
  • Tweaks to build area: currently possible to build into the restricted top bar area due to the way pixel space was defined. 
  • Additional city events to make decisions about with higher rates of event incidence.
  • Achievements
  • Gameplay settings: adjust number of turns or configuration for changing game difficulty
  • Market crashes and booms
  • Persistent effects following effects that span multiple turns


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Jul 26, 2019

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