Kalling Kingdom v0.32 Release Notes

This update focuses on bugfixes:

  • The help text widgets should now be working properly and are togglable from the main menu settings screen.
  • When defunding expense categories, there was a problem where city events around defunding categories would continue to persist even after you had re-funded the category. This should now be working properly: the game now completely re-calculates expense issues every turn and removes defunding events when no action is taken (again, thus allowing a recalculation for the following turn). This also resolves a problem where if you defund multiple categories, advance a turn, then re-fund both, then advance a turn: it will not display both categories in defunding events that you had previously de-funded. Did that not make sense? Well, you can imagine how it was wrapping my brain around it! Basically, the player can defund multiple categories successfully now, and then as long as they re-fund them quickly enough: this will not cause weird issues turn-to-turn going forward in the game.
  • When defunding expense categories, people will now begin moving out of the town if the category is defunded for long enough, unless the town has grown beyond 5 citizens: if which case you're more than likely going to receive a lose game screen - take care of your citizens! :)

There is a lingering problem with rendering people icons when moving them between businesses and I am turning my attention to fixing that now. I hope you have an update out soon to resolve that... In general, there needs to be a broad clean up on the codebase at this point as well as the game is complex enough now that fixing one problem can easily cause issues with another, especially in gameplay systems where the player can make weird decisions... decisions that I, of course, would not easily make as the dev!

As always, please email support@elegacorp.com if you find any other problems during gameplay. More updates are on the way with additional bugfixes and gameplay features.


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Dec 28, 2019

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