Kalling Kingdom v0.29 Release Notes

After releasing v0.28 last night, v0.29 is released this morning and provides patching for a number of bugs that were found throughout last night and this morning. These should all now be resolved:

  • An issue would occur fairly often where an unemployed person icon would still appear in the Unemployed People view even after they had been matched to a business - it should now clear the unemployed people panel and completely re-populate it each time the panel is loaded by the player.
  • The crime rate event would appear more often than intended, even after the player had increased military spending. This has been resolved by removing the city event from the queue after it occurs.
  • The crime rate event would fail to update the information available in the expenses panel until the next time the player adjusted the military amount. It now updates the panel immediately upon the player making a decision against the crime rate event.
  • The color of the person icon now changes when the player clicks and drags the icon onto other businesses.


kalling-kingdom-v0_29-windows-32.zip 56 MB
Sep 21, 2019

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